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Online / Virtual Parties

online / Virtual parties for birthday’s (or any occasion) hosted on Zoom

A Jellytastic Virtual Birthday / Any Occasion party only costs £150 for 1 hour of real live interactive magic and games with prizes to be won as certificates to print at home!

Furthermore, If you’re booking a birthday experience, the Birthday child will be the star of the party!

Online / virtual parties hosted on Zoom or Microsoft Teams
Birthday Fun

Something for the little ones

For ages between 4-7 years old, I will post a “Jelly Kelly Thinks I’m Jellytastic Badge” and a magic wand. A secret tutorial video link will be sent to the parent so they can help “Magic” the present from me through the screen ;-). Unfortunately this only works with younger children as older kid’s suss the ruse!

Upon booking Jelly Kelly you will receive an invite via email to forward to guests with everything they need to know about joining the party & some helpful tips for you! Suitable with adult supervision for ages 3-8 years. Age 8 and up can cope without grown-ups! I do different magic parties to suit the age range. Do you have a theme in mind?

See my themed party page.

£100 – 1 hour Package: This includes all the above with extra games & magic and with a chance to eat cake virtually together and have a joke competition!

All parties have the option of being recorded and sent to you via Dropbox or WeTransfer for you to download as a memory.


Jelly Kelly hosted my daughters 5th birthday party and it was an incredible success. None of the parents had experienced a Zoom party before so we were slightly apprehensive at how well the kids attention would last but it was an absolutely brilliant party with all the guests fully engaged throughout. Kelly’s helpful prep guidance before the party was really helpful as well and made sure we had the most of our time. Thank you so much!

We had a Jelly Kelly zoom party for my son Dexter and his friends, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as his concentration isn’t great. He loved the whole show from start to finish, I haven’t see him laugh so much in ages. Kelly’s so good at interacting with the kids even on zoom. Thank you so much, even though it was virtual I feel like I’ve given him a proper party.

See more reviews on my reviews page.

Harry Potter Inspired Party

Invite your guests for a Hogwarts-at-home experience with Harry Potter inspired magic and competitions. Bring your own wand! The guests will be sorted into houses as they arrive and earn house points when they win the games ✨. I will also teach them the levitation spell “Wingardium Leviosa” 😉 only £80 for 45 minutes. The virtual Harry Potter party has proved to have been a huge success! Suitable with adult supervision for ages 6 and up.

Please contact me directly to book your online party or use the enquiry form below if you prefer. Feel free to call me and discuss any personalisation you would like.

Kelly did a virtual Harry Potter magic party for my daughter’s 10th birthday yesterday and it was great! They girls really enjoyed it and were super impressed that they learnt a levitation spell that made Kelly ACTUALLY LEVITATE!

Children's Themed Parties Christmas

Christmas Themed Party

Host a virtual Christmas party with Jelly Kelly and bring the spirit of Christmas alive through your screen with Interactive Christmas magic, competitions & games. Help Jelly Kelly catch fairy lights for her tree, find the Naughty Elf on the Shelf and compete to win The Big Winter Snowman Race! £80 for 45 minutes. Perfect for families, groups of friends, clubs and corporate events.

Also offering an Adult only version as Kelly Kadabra with fun games, quizzes and magic. See for details.

Our Brownie group really enjoyed our zoom party with Jelly Kelly. It was full of energy and laughs. I was so impressed with how you tackled zoom, making us feel as though you were in the room with us. Great feedback from the parents. Easy and professional organisation.

Jelly Kelly ran a brilliant online party today for our Brownie unit. The Brownies absolutely loved it! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend this for other Rainbow or Brownie units as something to do during lockdown (and beyond). Brilliant fun and excellent value for money.

Virtual Balloon Twisting Clubs

Ages 8 and up.

I am currently running magic parties and balloon twisting workshops on Zoom, perfect for keeping your child amused!

The interactive magic & games party with balloon twisting workshop costs £110 for 1 hour. Plus balloon kits at £8 per head (*see below) and is suitable for age 8 and up. All guests will have a magical funny experience and even make their own balloon animal to keep!

Learn to Balloon Twist

Your child will need to be able to tie a knot in a balloon (or have a grown-up around who can). A maximum of 15 is advised, but think less is more when inviting 😉

Please contact me directly to book the Balloon Twisting Party, or fill in the enquiry form below.

The Balloon Twisting skills workshop is where your child will learn the art of balloon twisting! I can offer 1-2-1 tuition for 30 mins costing £35 and this could be a regular treat.

However, this can be a good option for a group of friends to meet online and learn whilst socialising together. I only charge £80 for 45 minutes and up to 10 children can join together.

* The Jelly Kelly balloon kit costs £8 & consists of at least 25 modelling balloons and a professional 2-way pump** & my FREE balloon twisting App, I also throw in some other fun stuff (** cheap pumps just frustrate new twisters as modelling balloons are harder to inflate)

Did you know that balloon twisting is really good for problem-solving skills and hand to eye coordination, it also really helps with coping when things go wrong? I always try to finish my workshops with some mindfulness and gratitude. I think during these strange times that can only help 😊

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone, text or email if you need any more information.

Great Fun! One of the best ever activities we have chosen for our son. He has been attending the balloon club at school for the last couple of years. Now having his 1-2-1 on zoom make him smile and give him something to look forward to. We are so proud of him. He develops his imagination, concentration skills through making amazing things: Flowers for Mother’s Day, bike for Father’s Day, Santa – Christmas, dogs, elephants you name it. I would recommend Jelly Kelly for everyone, great fun!

(see my balloon twisting skills workshop and parties page to watch the after school club in action!)

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